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China (Beijing) International Exhibition of Health Industry 2018

15 17 September 2018 China, Beijing
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About The Event

China (Beijing) International Exhibition of Health Industry is a platform for sharing experiences and cooperation in the field of health. It covers all segments of the healthcare industry - health, ecology, healthy food and beverages, Chinese medicine, tonics, products for slimming, home health care and rehabilitation, elderly people's health, healthy sleep, health monitoring. Thanks to in-depth cooperation with well-known foreign associations, the exhibition will have a greater impact on international markets.
Companies from different provinces of China and many foreign companies from the USA, Nigeria and other countries will also take part at the event. Health representatives from Japan are invited as guests at the exhibition to deepen friendly Chinese-Japanese cooperation and trade. It will showcase progressive medical products, technology, and equipment from Japan.
Guests and participants of the event will be able to attend the International Conference on Innovations in the Healthcare Industry and other interactive events. At the same time, various activities will be held to promote healthy lifestyles and formulate a new healthcare concept. 

Opening Hours: 
September 15, 2018  9:00 - 16:30
September 16, 2018  9:00 - 16:30
September 17, 2018  9:00 - 14:00

Key product categories to be presented at the exhibition:
  • Exhibition area of organic products: all kinds of organic products, beverages, seasonings, all kinds of high-quality agricultural products;
  • Exhibition area for health products and Chinese medicine: various types of healthy food, medicines, tonics, specialty products, branded Chinese medicines, Chinese old brands, traditional medicine products, massage, acupuncture;
  • Exhibition area of rehabilitation medical facilities for the elderly: various rehabilitation medical equipment, auxiliary equipment, equipment and supplies for patient care, health products, all kinds of healthy products for the elderly, essentials, service agencies;
  • Exhibition area of equipment and products for healthy sleep: various sleep monitoring devices, products and equipment for treating sleep problems, new exotic sleeping products, functional beds, mattresses, functional pillows, textiles;
  • Exhibition area of plastic surgery, products and services for weight loss: various instruments and equipment, surgical instruments and suture products for medical plastic surgery, goods for post-operative rehabilitation, cosmetic for injection, slimming, skin care products, means and equipment for oral care;
  • Healthcare management exhibition area and services: disease prevention institutions, cosmetic institutions, medical diagnostic facilities, nurses' professional courses, health facilities, leisure.
China (Beijing) International Exhibition of Health Industry will be interesting to industry professionals and everyone whose business is related to this field:
  • Suppliers, agents, distributors;
  • Regional agents, regional pharmacy procurement union;
  • Beauty agencies, beauty salons;
  • General hospitals, specialized hospitals;
  • Centers for physical examination, fitness centers, medical centers;
  • Supermarkets, department stores, specialized stores, supermarket chains of public catering;
  • Shopping centers specializing in health and beauty;
  • Institutions for the elderly;
  • Research centers;
  • Universities;
  • Trade associations, commercial organizations;
  • Electronic commerce.
TOP exhibitors:
CSF Market
Runcheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Qianhai Ai Ai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Juixian market
99114 market
Gold Dimension
Compendium of Materia Medical Health-cultivation Diet
15 17 September 2018
Saturday – Monday
China International Exhibition Center (Old venue)
China, Beijing
No.6 East Beisanhuan Road, Beijing

Organized by

Grand Media Co., Ltd

China, Beijing