Trade show

China (Beijing) Attractions expo

17 19 March 2018 China, Beijing
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About the exhibition: A large-scale international event in the entertainment industry. It is the most important platform for everyone who creates video games, amusement, gaming machines and amusement parks. View more.

Exhibitor profile: Producers of gaming machines and toys, amusement parks and aqua parks owners, attractions manufacturers, carnivals and fairs holders, family entertainment centers, kindergartens and school representatives; professionals in safe engineering, investment, medicine, education.

Geo-targeting: China, USA, Canada,Germany, The United Kingdom.

Restrictions: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Botswana, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, Senegal.

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4th Floor, 13 John Prince's St, London W1G 0JR
Great Britain: Tel. + 44 20 7043 5170  
Russia: Tel. + 7 499 969 8024
Ukraine: Tel. + 380 44 200 0392
China: Tel. +86 21 6125 1245

About The Event

China (Beijing) Attraction expo – an exhibition of amusement facilities industry, gathering over 55 thousand professional visitors in one place. International exhibitors, Chinese and foreign well-known amusement equipment manufacturers and suppliers will showcase latest solution for theme parks, industry equipment and innovation technologies covering investment, production, planning, operation and management across the industry.

China (Beijing) Attraction expo is:
  • 55 000 visitors
  • 400 exhibitors
  • 42 000 square meters expo space

Key products to be presented at the exhibition:
  • Playground and park amusement facilities: roller coasters, scooter, Ferris wheels, bumper cars, carousels, sightseeing cableways, amusement robots, karting, swinging amusement machines; remote control equipment, hit game consoles, community fitness equipment, inflatable amusement equipment
  • Electronic amusement equipment: game machine (GB), speculation, video game consoles and peripherals, simulators, video game consoles, educational and recreational equipment 
  • Water amusement equipment: wave equipment, water slides, bumper, yacht, waterscape fountains, treatment equipment, photoelectric combination, drifting equipment, swimming pool facilities
  • Dynamic movie equipment: 3D, 4D film equipment, water curtain film, fog screen equipment, performance equipment, special digital photographic, cinema equipment, stereoscopic special projectors, special audio, lighting, vending machines, amusement parks and entertainment center management software.
  • Children's play facilities: baby strollers, battery vehicles, rocking cars, preschool education facilities, children's playgrounds, gas models, swings and roundabouts, turntables, naughty forts, trampolines, safety mats, puzzle toys
  • Toys: stuffed toys, dolls, wood/bamboo/paper toys, electronic toys, plastic non-electronic toys, inflatable toys, puzzle toys, models, mechanical toys
  • Scenic spots tourism design planning 
  • Swimming pool facilities
  • Museum technologies: coin machines, game machines, carnival equipment
China (Beijing) Attraction expo – an exhibition for those who are engaged in the fields of:
  • Export / import / manufacturing 
  • Investment
  • Entertainment
  • Building 
  • Tourism 
  • Design
17 19 March 2018
Saturday – Monday
China National Convention Center (CNCC)
China, Beijing
7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District

Organized by

Beijing Riofun Technology Co., Ltd.

China, Shanghai